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The cycle method of steam generator is introduced in detail
2.Contained in the boiler flue gas dust (including fly ash and carbon black), sulfur and nitrogen oxides are atmospheric pollution substance, without purification when its emissions targets may achieve the goal of environmental protection regulations several times to dozens times. The way to control these substances is before incineration, improving incineration technology, dust removal, desulfurization and denitration. The concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere near the chimney can only be reduced by a tall chimney.
3、 烟气除尘所运用的作用力有重力、离心力、惯性力、附着力以及声波、静电等。对粗颗粒通常选用重力沉降和惯性力的别离,在较高容量下常选用离心力别离除尘。静电除尘器和布袋过滤器具有较高的除尘功率。湿式和文氏-水膜除尘器中水滴水膜能粘附飞灰,除尘功率很高,还能吸收气态污染物。
3.The applied force of flue gas is gravity, centrifugal force, inertial force, adhesion and sound wave and static electricity. For coarse particles, gravity settlement and inertial forces are selected, and centrifugal forces are often used to remove dust from high volume. Electrostatic precipitator and cloth bag filter have high dust removal power. Wet and waven-water film dust remover can stick to fly ash, high power of dust removal, and absorb gaseous pollutants.
4、 蒸汽发生器烟气脱硫有吸收法和催化氧化法。干法吸收用碱性氧化铝、 半焦炭、活性炭等;湿法吸收用氨、 碳酸钠、石灰浆等。用五氧化二钒等触媒在必定温度下可使大多数二氧化硫氧化为三氧化硫,然后有助于吸收脱硫。因为烟气脱硫设备及运转费用昂贵,大多数公司倾向运用低硫燃料以下降硫氧化物的排放量。

4.The smoke desulfurization has absorption method and catalytic oxidation method. The dry method absorbs basic alumina, semicoke carbon, activated carbon, etc. The wet method absorbs ammonia, sodium carbonate and lime slurry. The catalyst can oxidize a lot of sulfur dioxide at a certain temperature, and then help absorb the desulphurization. Because flue gas desulphurization equipment and running costs are expensive, most companies tend to use low-sulphur fuels to reduce the emissions of sulphur oxide.